Beginning his adult life in the friendly Seattle neighbourhood of Fremont (also known as the "Centre of the Universe"), Adam's passion and love for art and the written word grew and grew. Spending time as a Vegan Chef, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, a Counsellor and a Personal Trainer, Adam slowly realized that his heart was meant to create; so, create he did. In 2014, Adam began sketching ideas for a futuristic story about a boy (very similar to him) named Jack. In the following years, Adam would become a father to a very imaginative little girl, Aspen, who would also spark the exact inspiration he would need to complete Jack's story of love, loss, grief, monsters, and sustainability. Adam now lives in his tiny home just North of Vancouver, British Columbia where he spends his time writing and managing a small cafe in the community of Deep Cove.

Jack Cloud is Adam's first published novel, as well as the first of three in the "Moonjack" series.