The Moonjack series consists of 3 young-adult novels from the wildly-unusual mind of author Adam Deane. 

Book 1 - Jack Cloud (released 10.31.16)
Book 2 - Quint (set to release 10.31.17)
Book 3 - Blacklace (set to release 10.31.18)

The series is published under Canadian publishing company, Micromoon Publishing and is currently available in stores across the Pacific Northwest (US and Canada) and Online. 


"Sometimes, the scariest monsters exist in us. Other times, they exist in the forest outside of your village. The challenge, I find, is turning one against the other." - Jack Cloud

For those who loved stories like The Hunger Games or Winterkill.

For those who loved classics like Peter and Wendy or Alice in Wonderland.

For those who are adventurers at heart, children at soul, and dreamers always. 

Jack will ask no more of you than to take his hand and jump in; immersing yourself in his world of words that will bring you joy, fear and relativity unlike any story ever has. 

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the village of Moonjack.




Jack cloud.